'But if man wants to achieve this, he must unite himself with the angelic mind and become alike.'


Holy Daimon | The Book


Holy Daimon | the book

by Scarlet Imprint  ✶ and Frater Acher  ✶  August 2018

The Holy Daimon Book is the output of more than ten years of practical and theoretical magical research. In its three sections History | Memory | Practice it provides a well-grounded introduction, as well as a practical path to creating communion with one's holy daimon. Despite its focus on enabling hands-on magical work, the book is not a grimoire (a grammar of magic) as it is subject is of deeply mystical nature and requires for the full human being to be involved.     

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The personal spirit entity knowns since the Ancient Greek as the holy daimon forms a critical cornerstone of magical practice in the West. Only since the early 20th century its practice has been dominated by the Abramelin rite and Crowley's Liber Samekh; yet much of its older historic roots and ritual practices have been forgotten. Therefore, in the first section of the book we'll cover extensive historic background to better understand what our ancestors believed this entity is and what it is not.



 In front of the background of the historic context covered in the first section, the critical importance of our own magical experience emerges. In this second part of the book, I am sharing the magical records of my personal journey towards communion with my holy daimon. The value of these, I hope to show, lies in holding on to our uniquely own path, to the raw, subjective experience of it - while not aiming to live up to or to fulfil any traditional expectations. 

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The third and most important part of the book consists of careful, practical instructions towards achieving communion with your own holy daimon; culminating in a fully restored final rite from the Greek Magical Papyri. Writing this section has both been the hardest and yet most fulfilling magical work I had the privilege of doing in many years. Whether it was worthwhile or not - as it should be, the verdict will soon be with you.