'But if man wants to achieve this, he must unite himself with the angelic mind and become alike.'


✷ The Contributors

The Holy Daimon Project


Without the generous support of the following people and institutions
the Holy Daimon project would have never come to life. 
Thank you. 


Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig 

for making all the magical manuscripts presented here (and many more) available online and putting them under a Creative Commons license. Without their care of preserving these fragile testaments so professionally over centuries, as well as their generosity in offering digital access to them to everyone since 2011, none of this work would have been possible. All photos of the original manuscripts stem from their digital archives.

Anne Hila

an incredibly gifted German scholar of Ancient Studies, for her generosity and persistence in contributing the excellent German transcripts of several of these documents. Without her this project would still be a vague idea only. Both her academic and magical skills shone a bright light under which a lot of this work came forth into (virtual) daylight.

Dr. habil. Bernd Otto 

for introducing me to this truly magical collection of manuscripts in the first place, his excellent research into its content as published in his book ‘Magical Manuscripts in Early Modern Europe - The Clandestine Trade In Illegal Book Collections’ (Palgrave 2017) - as well as the many leads he offered in personal emails to better understand the material at hand.

Scarlet Imprint

one of the leading publishing houses on modern occult literature, for publishing 'Holy Daimon' (forthcoming 2018). The book contains a decade worth of magical explorations of the history, personal memory and practice of achieving communion with one's holy daimon. It is a foundational reading recommendation to better understand - and to be able to integrate into one's own practice - any of the content shared here online.  

My own holy daimon

for pushing into my life and awareness with so much presence for more than ten years now. Not a day has passed when I have not greatly benefitted from her|his constant companionship. You are a true friend to mankind, despite everything we do to ourselves.



This online project can be accessed via multiple URLs:
holydaimon.comholydaemon.comholydemon.com or holygenius.com.
Many more would have been possible. Each one of them illustrates the many pathways that exist towards creating communion with the spiritual entity that carries so many different names in the Western Tradition of Magic. May the map never be mistaken for the territory.