'But if man wants to achieve this, he must unite himself with the angelic mind and become alike.'


✶ Overview

This page offers an overview of all manuscripts published in the Holy Daimon Online project so far - both in their critical editions as well as in annotated English translations.


Pelagius Eremita
II Libri

A 17th century German & English transcript of a 15th century Latin original, detailing a full ritual of daimonic theurgy to achieve communion & divinatory assistance of one's 'good angel'. Almost 90 pages, please allow for slightly longer loading times for the original edition.



A relatively short German-Latin manuscript, probably from the 17th century, outlining a series of angelic prayers for achieving communion with one's personal angel. Possibly the original document and not transcribed from an earlier original. A wonderful example of the tradition of rituals for acquiring a 'familiar spirit' known at least since the 13th century.   



A short, possibly abbreviated, yet curious 18th century divinatory ritual combining angel- and folk-magical techniques. After a beautiful prayer the two operators leverage a glass filled with an egg-white to induce angelic vision and communication. The treatise should be read especially in comparison to the demonic instructions of the Arte Phytonica



An 18th century German transcript of a Latin original called 'Tractatus de Arte Phytonica', detailing the concise necromantic ritual required to conjure four spirits into a skull for divinatory purposes. A contrary example to the previous works - especially Processes Magicus - as a more grimoire-style ritual to acquire a personal divinatory demon.



The General-Key of Trithemius

A short 18th century grimoire summarising foundational concepts and practices of Late Medieval ritual magic in its most concise and essential form. Following such summery, it exemplifies the practice by providing detailed instructions on the creation of a love potion. Spuriously attributed to Johann Trithemius. 



Magia Micro-Cosmica

An anonymous 18th century treatise - seemingly unfinished - claiming to explain the nature of one’s birth-angel and how to separate it from a man and seal it into a glass jar. It takes material from both Agrippa and Lupius ‘Schatzkammer’ and mainly deals with angel-magic through dream incubation.


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