'But if man wants to achieve this, he must unite himself with the angelic mind and become alike.'

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Processus Magicus [English]

Processus Magicus




Processus Magicus

A vision into a glass to learn the
commendable Philosophy and Primam materia


Manuscript source: Universität Leipzig
Date of origin: ca. 1750
Material: Paper
Author: unknown
Length: 6 pages
German Transcript: Stephanie Eikerling
English Translation: Frater Acher

© Frater Acher 2018




A vision into a glass to learn the
commendable Philosophy and Primam materia


Elect a familiar friend who is pious and godly, after that buy a new crystal glass that has not moved through many hands, pay for it as it is asked, then take an egg put on a Thursday. |: [possible indicating omission?] The table shall be of lime wood and stones must be placed upon it [turned into] candleholders :|. Put the glass with the water on the table, which was ladled before dawn from a river or well, lay the egg next to it and light the candles. This shall happen during dawn on a Thursday, during the hour of [Jupiter]. Kneel together with your companion before the table in true faith and [with] pure hearts, and speak the following prayer together with your companion in devotion: 

Oh, you highly praised and eternally holy trinity, Almighty holy God, creator of all creatures, both of the visible and invisible, who reveals his divine almightiness in all things, who can turn something into nothing and [who can] turn nothing into something, who shaped all of humankind according to your own image, who [is] exalted over all creatures and who has turned all of them into your subjects, who has consent and allowed them to shape the world [literally: take effect] and [who] through the clear light of nature will and cannot fail anyone who calls upon you in true faith. If it is enough for your divine honour, we poor, sinful humans similarly search and crave for the true light of nature, in order to praise your divine honour and your holy name across the entire globe. If then we might be allowed to turn towards you with our desire, and confess that our sins are illustrious, heavy and great, then it is [because] we are urged by the consoling confidence that we shall not be scared off by such unworthiness, especially as you have released us from all of our sins through your mercy and are willing and able to dignify us. That is why we ask you, almighty God, reveal to us what is hidden, show us what we have not seen before, fulfil our desire that we long for, grant to us what we have never witnessed, let us feel the incomprehensible, open both our hearts and eyes to recognise everything we search for, grant us your Holy Spirit who shall teach and tutor us in our falsity, expel from us all evil and deceitful spirits who betray us, and send us a holy angel so it will fulfil our desire according to your command, grant us wisdom and knowledge, might and memory, so everything we see in this vision we shall be able to recognise, discern, perceive and memorise. Then let your angel, after it completed your order, depart from us in peace and [return] to the place you have assigned it to. And if we ask you in the future again for the same [angel to come to us], so let the angel mercifully appear to us and allow for it to become more common and common. Oh Lord, hear our pleading ask and grant [it] to us. Yours shall be eternal praise, eulogy and honour, now and in all eternity. Amen.

Then take the egg and break it against the glass, let the white flow into the glass, the rest including yolk put away. Once this is done, you and your companion shall not take your glance off the glass; yet you shall not look from above but from the edge of the glass, and in your hearts you shall continue to sigh and plead and thus the angel will appear in the glass. And the glass will show you the four primary colours including the Prima materia, as well as how to work the entire process from beginning to end, which you will see and recognise easily and clearly.

And whenever in doubt, you may ask the angel, and it will point it out again, it will also speak to you and report orally. You shall also know, in case during the first time nothing appears, you shall not desist, but undertake [the operation] again during the next day and as often as you like; that is how the apparition will appear finally and surely.

After completing the work, you shall thank God and not forget about the poor.