'But if man wants to achieve this, he must unite himself with the angelic mind and become alike.'

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✷ The Holy Daimon Project

The Holy Daimon Project

Focus & Context

The Holy Daimon project is dedicated to the exploration of authentic, previously untranslated ritual manuscripts from the 15th to 18th century. The focus lies in particular on texts of daimonic theurgy. These are forms of magic which aim to create communion between the practitioner and a personally assigned spiritual entity that might be best, i.e. most neutrally, described as their holy daimon.

The many diverse forms of ritualised contact to this being represent a long and important strand of magical tradition in the West. Today most famously it is remembered by the ‘Book Abramelin’ (Das Buch der wahren Praktik in der uralten Goettlichen Magie) purportedly written by one German Abraham of Worms in the late 14th century, yet dated to 1608 by Carlos Gilly. The true origin and author of the book remain unknown until today. For a long time the fascination of modern Western practitioners with the Book Abramelin, however, has held back a broader exploration, review and discussion of other manuscripts of daimonic theurgy from the late Middle Ages onwards.  

The 'Holy Daimon' project presents a slowly expanding body of authentic magical manuscripts from the 15th to 18th century dedicated to this particular kind of magic. All texts have been transcribed from the original German & Latin manuscripts into digital typeset and subsequently translated into English. The German transcription is intended to be as close to the original as possible. The English translation, however, aims to make the texts more accessible to modern day readers and has thus been gently adapted and annotated: abbreviations have been spelled out in full, omissions have been corrected, originally Latin sections or expressions have been translated into English and references to people or literary sources have been indicated as such in sharp brackets [ ].

Most manuscripts are shared in two versions: (1) a side-by-side view of the original manuscript, the German transcription as well as the English translation, as well as (2) an English continuous-text version for easier reading. The significant amount of work required to provide access to these critical source-texts was made possible through both volunteer work as well as private funding.

In addition to broadening access to these original magical manuscripts, this page also provides an continuously expanding body of research into the content and historic context of these manuscript. In particular the important 15th century figure of Pelagius Eremita, the Majorcan Hermit as well as his transmitter (or more likely inventor) the German abbot Johannes Trithemius will be explored in detail in the related research sections. 

— The overall purpose of this private research project is to spawn broader interest and hopefully further (practical) research into alternative and parallel forms of authentic forms of magic that help us attain communion with our holy daimon.

Finally, it should also be mentioned that the work presented on these pages was ignited by two specific events: In autumn 2017 Professor Dr. Marco Frenschkowski invited to the first ‘Grimoire Conference’ in Leipzig, a city of particular relevance for this genre of books as witnessed by the unique collection of magical manuscripts preserved in the Bibliotheca Albertina. Secondly, at the same time Dr. Bernd Otto published the first critical overview and introduction to this collection of extremely well preserved, yet incredibly rare manuscripts.  

Against all odds a string of lucky circumstances allowed me to attend the conference and enjoy a hands-on introduction to the manuscripts by Dr.Otto himself. During these weeks I was busy completing my own manuscript of the forthcoming Scarlet Imprint release Holy Daimon (2018). So it turned out that coincidence - or possibly my own daimon? - introduced me to this rich and currently entirely unexplored body of ritual magic, aimed at attaining communion with our holy daimon, exactly at the right time to lead on to the next project. 

It should be emphasized that the work on these pages is published under the premise of ‘working out loud’. This means, constructive feedback is actively invited and research sections previously published online are subject to ongoing re-editing and re-writing according to new findings and insights. 

Quicquidem in mundo scibile est, scire semper cupiebam. | Whatever in the world is knowable, I always desired to know.
— Johannes Trithemius

This online project can be accessed via multiple URLs:
holydaimon.com, holydaemon.com, holydemon.com or holygenius.com.
Many more would have been possible. Each one of them illustrates the many pathways that exist towards creating communion with the spiritual entity that carries so many different names in the Western Tradition of Magic. May the map never be mistaken for the territory.