'But if man wants to achieve this, he must unite himself with the angelic mind and become alike.'

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Magia Micro-Cosmica





Manuscript source: Universität Leipzig
Date of origin: before 1750
Material: Paper
Author: unknown
Length: 11 double pages, 19 single pages
Language: German
Transcription: Anne Hila
English Translation: Frater Acher

© Frater Acher 2019



Magia Micro-Cosmica

Eccles. 8.v.8.
A man does not hold power over the spirit, to retain the spirit.
And does not have power in their moment of death, and will not be discharged from quarrel.

[Ecclesiastes 8:8: ’There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit;
neither hath he power in the day of death: and there is no discharge in that war;
neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.’


Magia Micro-Cosmica

Just as the microcosm is man. Therefore magic is the teaching of what man as the small world can operate or perform through [the agency] of their spirit Gabalis [possible reference to the Comte de Gabalis, 1670] and through the magical spirit assigned to them by birth, that is their spiritual wisdom [sapientia spirituali, Col 1:9]. For each man has their own spirit as well as their own genius assigned to them by birth, or their innate wee spirit [Geistlein]. He can do a lot through these.

Lucky is who understands.

Lord, open my eyes!

One thing, I beg you, teach me

to recognise myself and thyself.

If it is written about the child Jesus and of other spiritual men, that they increased and grew in strength, that no one understands but a mage. For it is a magical term [phrasis magica] of which no one knows but a mage. Because it refers to the microcosmic and cabbalistic magic [Magia Microcosmicam et Cabalisticam]. [It means] That these children grew strong in their spirit, that is, their spirit revealed itself as strong, both through intelligence and insights as well as miracles, or they increased [only] internally in intellect and insight. And thus they turned into good magicians or holy men of the Lord. Such thing is only said of miraculous men and of those who were announced by angels, such as Simson, Jesus, etc.. Just like other children grow in bodily strength so these grow in spirit. For one has a stronger or weaker spirit than the other. And with some the spirit is not too strong, but rather more than too weak.

Oh dear mighty Lord, grant to me weak wee worm to grow strong in spirit.
Alas, quickly grant your hand’s mercy
To this weak child on tired feet.
Alas, let me perceive your might,
Help your son and servant;
When fear and terror attack me,
May you want to strengthen me.

And no one can become a mage unless he himself has of a mage’s spirit. Thus God took of Moses’ spirit and laid it upon the 70. men [Numbers 11:16-25]. And Elisa, if he wanted to become a mage, he had to have of Elijah’s spirit [2 Kings 2]. Christ blew upon his disciples, and thus communicated his spirit to them. Therefore John said: then we realise that he within us ... that he granted us of his spirit. This is the foundation of the Magiæ Microcosmicæ, that man consists not of body and soul alone, but of spirit as well. And just like an outer, visible man [exists], so also an inner, spir- itual, even astral man exists. Likewise that every man has a good and evil genius, for with these the entire Magia Microcosmica is performed and operated. Once I know this and how to handle and operate it, I also know how to present myself in different forms.

Likewise to be present at a different location in spirit and to see everything.
Likewise to send my ascendant [spirit] to others and to afflict them.
Likewise to perform this and that through an astral spirit.

Such question made one person consider, if the Jesus who appeared after his death indeed only had been an astral or sideral spirit as well, for he did not want to be touched, as he mentioned to Mary Magdalena: Do not touch me [John 20:17]. For the astral spirit is impalpable, intangible like the wind and fog. However, that he [Jesus] allowed his disciples to touch and feel him, proves that it was his resurrected body.

Of the Birth-Angel or Birth-Spirit of Man.

Man does not only have a good and evil angel, but above these two also a special genius.

Birth-Angel or Birth-Spirit

Which is governed by the elements of one’s birth, each one assigned to man according to their perfection. Such a birth-angel or birth-spirit is recognised through the star, which is the ruler of one’s birth. The Chaldeans searched this genius in [the position of one’s] Sun and Moon. The astronomers want to have the good genius from the first house, which is why they are called good genius [bonum genium], [however, they take] the 6th [and] evil one from the 6th house. Yet everyone gets to know it [their birth-spirit] from one’s natural inclination, [the things] which one’s is inclined towards from one’s youth. It is called the angel of birth, and it sent into each man by God according to the position of the world [in relation] to the revolution of the stars. Of which the psalm says: For you created man’s spirit like a flame of fire [Psalm 104:4]And experience attests that such fiery flame and the spirit of birth can be separated without harm from man, and it can be sealed in a glass, for in case it is benevolent and truthful one may learn secret things from it. However, during this time he [from whom one has separated the spirit] holds no power over his birth elements. Yet if a virgin or assistant is due for a warning, one can release it [the spirit] from the glass again, in which case the person will live longer, undestroyed and undecayed, as the force that has been asleep will not have gone lost upon them. That man’s birth spirit is a fiery flame one can recognise in the fact alone, that if pressure is applied on one’s eyes, fire shoots forth. And it is seen in the form of fiery flames often times, e.g. ‘When Servius Tullius was born, he seemed to have had a flame and rays around his head.’ Thus often times fire or flames are witnessed around a human, [for] this is their birth-angel or -spirit, especially during and after their death. Of man’s shadow and nature-spirit [Natur-Geiste] see S.A.R. treatise on man’s shadow.

On how one can separate a man from their birth-spirit and draw [it] into a glass. For who knows this magical secret and technique, can not only play pranks on others when needed, so they cannot conceive a child, but he can also use it on a per- son whom he loves but cannot have, and use their spirit for delectation in love affairs etc. and amuse oneself according to their own pleasure with that very same [spirit]. It is a pleasurable affair, for people who are in love, but cannot come together in any other fashion.

Secret Magical Process [of] how one separates a man from their genius or birth-spirit without any harm, and [how one] seals it into a glass so that one may learn secret things from it. Magia Metaphysica natural.

How to achieve one’s birth-angel. Go before God’s face with a humble heart, a devout and persistent mind and reverent prayers. Diligently pray the psalm that you have chosen from the Psalter and before that the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Psalm. And always keep in your mind God and the love for your next, for you are not dealing with humans but with God and angels. Because of this, know that you should be educated in magic, And [you should] be able to differentiate the spirits, so that evil spirits to not appear as good ones in front of you, in case your mind was stained by any kind of thing with evil thoughts, and you might think that God allowed for evil spirits to appear as good to you. That is why [you have] to separate out the evil ones. And only trust in the merciful and faithful God who grants you all the good things, which you have desired from the Holy Blessed Trinity. And arrange your life in a way that pleases God, so you may not become mockery in front of the world, and hated by the angels and the spirits of God, and ridiculed by the evil spirits. For you have to call these spirits with a devout mind, and not with vanity, then you can and will receive them. When you find that you have become steady and [that you have] well placed yourself in trustful truth, and when your mind is no longer fickle, so go to the place which you have chosen for this [operation] and take a white, quadrangular cloth with you. Spread it on the earth, for further assurance and strength of your faith, against orient [East], occident [West], septentrion [North] and meridiem [South], and walk in a circle in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Then sit down on the cloth, so that you look eastwards, and then call for God with fervent prayer

Oratio: Lord God, you strong confidence of all who approach you and search for your salvation, listen to my plead through your inborn son Jesus Christ who is my advo- cate in court and whom I trust, for I am engaged with him by means of his sacred incarnation and birth, and in his holy name Jesus which he received from the holy angels. So I beg you to also bless my humanity and image, through the legacy of my part of heaven, which you have acquired through your incarnation. May you bless my plead and listen to my word, for I aspire your spiritual help and angelic presence, which you have revealed to me through your wisdom. Also you may order your servants and spirits to be of assistance to me in all my endeavours and enterprises, and especially this one who you have assigned over me to your [be my?] king: this will be the archangel who can turn the fate, who is my Prayer- and Birth-Angel and my regent who shall rule me, instruct me in all things benevolent and all arts, which are allowed and granted to us Christians through Jesus Christ. So hear my words, and listen to my calling, my King and God, as I want to pray in front of you: Grant me your Holy Spirit and a pure heart, in the name of the Father’s Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

4.Assaphat, you spirit of wisdom and revealer of secrets, of the supernatural as well as natural agency of nature, you have your dwelling and home in the rising, with your name and office you are ordered to create and spread the miracles of God through the Holy Trinity. So I, N. request now you to come to me with your inborn powers of which you shall find me worthy, just as the God’s Son, Jesus Christ found me worthy from his holy throne, and just as he entered into my flesh and blood from his [place of] majesty, to strengthen my faith, to teach me wisdom, and to place me amongst the eternal goods and beatitude. As all of this happened and was explained to me through his holy word, so also this shall happen, that through his holy word you shall appear to me. For I summon you by his holy name. That is my hope, that you must appear to me in presence, with all your powers, and on his order you must reveal to me, what I desire [to know] to his honour and welfare.

Also I command you by his holy baptism that you me show yourself visibly to me, as the spirit showed itself above the redeemer to the entire world, as John witnessed it descending like a dove and come to rest on the companions of the Saviour.

Again, may God command you by his holy word, and by his holy deeds, by his creation and by his holy name Jehovah, that you my be with me in visible form in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

How one evokes the spirit of a human, may they be alive or dead, to treat and deal with it, over whatever one wishes, or to learn from it whatever one desires.

Often it is impossible to appear in front of a courtly man, may it be due to vanity, lack of fame or other reasons. Yet, I still wanted to treat and deal with them on the things I required and to request this and that from them, to gain their favour etc. in case someone doesn’t want to appear in front of me, or was I to love a courtly virgin or another’s wife but cannot go to her, or had I an enemy whom I’d like to prey and harm, but cannot, or did I want to know how this or that absent person were doing, in these cases this is the technique to command the desired person’s spirit to me in my sleep, so they must appear in my sleep.


If one died and left unfinished business, and one required of them to know how things are in this or that matter, or if you wanted to speak to your deceased parents, wanting to know how they are doing, in which condition they are now living, or if someone knew how to perform a [certain] art and took it with them into the earth, and did not teach it to anyone, and how to learn this [art], this is the technique to make their spirit appear, so it may reveal to you, what you desire. This is the way in how one person, without any deceit, has learned a strange interpretation in their dream from a platonic philosopher. For this is the actual technique. Such thing has to be received by God through prayer, and here in the night make a waxen image in the name of the respective person, whose spirit you desire. Yet, the prayer may be fashioned in the following manner: N., everyone should change the name of God and spirits according to the days as they please, as it is to be read in the MagicisO Lord God Sadai [Shaday], you who has created this seventh day, reveal to me the truth in this matter, etc. O Lord you eternal Truth, reveal to me the truth! And think of your question and desire all through the process, so you will learn in your sleep everything you desire, without any scare or danger involved. But all matters will be revealed to your spirit gently and benevolently. Thereafter wrap the image of the respective philosopher, or whoever you desired, in your prayer-sheet, in which you may or may not have written your name and desire, and place it underneath your bed’s pillow when you go to sleep. And speak therefore: Behold, beyond Jupiter [vide supra Jupiter]. In this manner one can also afflict their enemy, if one makes their spirit appear in from of them and beats and disfigures them [the waxen image], in such manner their body will be damaged. In this manner one can also treat a desired women, with as much plea- sure and lust as one wants and to one’s sole discretion, however, in this case the process impregnating has a different secret.

Arcanum Arcanorum or Great Secret.

On the magical process or the manner in which one may experience and learn all kinds of arts which one desires to know. Such thing is done with the help of the deceased people, philosophers, artists, etc. who during their lifetimes knew the particular secret. How one manages to reveal their spirit in one’s dream with the help of a waxen image, which was created at night and in the presence of no one else and under fervent prayers to God, such is explained comprehensively in Lupy, Treasure Chamber, page 67 [Jacob Lupius, Schatzkammer der Natur, 1681]. And with living person it is done in the same way to make their spirit appear in your sleep and to make them reveal [whatever your desire]. Yet should you not know a person, dead or alive, who holds knowledge of your desired secret, then it is required to chose a fate [fatum, i.e. a mythical person] that holds the power to reveal such secret. In case you also do not know such a fate, and to come up with a name according to its power, it will suffice to studiously ponder over the particular secret all by yourself and to fall asleep with these thoughts on your mind. And then it will hap- pen to you just like it did to the Carthargian doctor, Genabri who desired to know if there was another life after his current one. He fell asleep over this thought, when he heard the choir of the angels in his sleep and their dear music so vividly that he believed to be in heaven already.

To keep a dying child with oneself, so it may appear to oneself as one pleases and whenever one wants, and so it may pay respect and lend a hand. How one can send their spirit to a different place, and to behold everything in vision, as Elisha said: ‘Did not my heart go’ [2Kings 5:26].

The human spirit goes astray in the other places [ref?], which is why one should not be able to be present in vision in other places. How one could take from one spirit and convey it to another, just as the Scripture says that God took from the spirit of Moses and gave from it to the 70 men [Numbers 11:16-25].

The great mystery must not be lightly revealed to everyone.

[Mysterium magnum non temere unicuius revelandum, reference to Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim, De Occulta Philosophia, Book III, Part3, Chapter 41, What concerning man after death, diverse Opinions, here in the original: Magnum hic latet, sed non temere revelandum myste- rium! i.e. Here lies a great secret, and not rashly to be revealed!]

So John 1 says [in] chapter 4: Then we realize that he [is] in us, that he grant us of his spirit.