'But if man wants to achieve this, he must unite himself with the angelic mind and become alike.'


Genio-Sophia [English]

Genio-Sophia | Wisdom of the Genius




Tractatus Magico=Theosophicus
on making appear one's angel  
and reveal and teach secret things,  
gathered by one whose symbol [is]  
'Everything with my angel'.



Manuscript source: Universität Leipzig
Date of origin: before 1713
Material: Paper
Author: unknown
Length: 10 double pages, 18 single pages
German Transcript: Stephanie Eikerling
Latin Translation: Rike Gü & Anne Hila
English Translation: Frater Acher

© Frater Acher 2018



That genii exist nobody with reason will be able to doubt. Because even of Plotin it is known that he saw his own angel. Similarly people witness him upon dying so that they may begin to laugh in their death. Others again attain its encounter through prayer, partly through chastity, partly seclusion, loneliness and silence. Many through apparitions and certain ceremonies. If such thing however is licit thereof we find evidence with Aegidius Gutman [German theosophical author, *1490 - †1584)] in his book titled 'Revelations of Divine Majesty' [Offenbarung Göttlicher Majestät, 1619/1675], so he writes: 'Approbare Deum, ut homo angelos interroget de rebus necessariis et proficuis et ut intorogantibus  nobis respondeant.' Yet in what kind of form their genius or gabalis will appear to humans, [to answer this question] so serves as information that it most often appears in the form of a little bird, which is why many want to interpret the dove which hovered above the Lord Christ during his baptism as such and they say it was his spirit or genius, of which can be read amply in the 'Magia Gabalistica'. Similarly it is said, if at times a bird is seen sitting still above a man which later on disappears that it was the man's genius or spirit, and it meant that the particular man would die soon.  

Of an archangel recounts Mantius in his Collectaniis p.1.p.38. Other witnessed a dove flying out from the wounds of some people, especially during their end, as is being told by the Entalia and the ingenious Simeon. This is why many hold that man's good and evil genius not always dwell with the people, yet reside in the spiritual world with the spirits, because of which one often hears that when one's genius appears to man, he makes the latter understand that he is going to die. Yet that he [the genius] resides in the inner world, others want to proof through the words of our dear Redeemer when he says: 'The angels of the children always see the face of my Father in heaven' [Matthew 18:10]. Also the genius may appear in the form of boy or a little flame, as it being told of the holy virgin Dorothea, after whose death a boy who was hear genius appeared to Theophilo.  

Furthermore it happens from time to time that a man has no desire entirely for a certain cause and that generally comes from his good genius who through such aversion intends to ward off a forthcoming evil or danger. The evil genius [malus genius] however often incites his good friends that they may seduce one, and of this we hear in the proverb 'vox seductoris, vox diaboli' [the voice of the seducer, the voice of the devil]. And the words of the Holy Scripture shall be remembered as it reads: 'Who wants to entice Ahab?' [Chronicles 18:19]. One shall reclaim his genius [reclamante Genio suo], which means if one's heart, that is their angel, holds no desire to do something, not to follow other people too quickly, even if they were one's best friends, because they are like the deceiver; instead one should follow one's angel in one's heart. A certain student held no desire for fencing, instead he wanted to go into the garden, the dislike stemmed from his good genius, who would have guarded him from the misfortune that was about to happen to him. Only his evil genius [malus genius] hid behind his good friends and urged and pestered him for so long until they had to meet him on the path towards the garden, [where they] excited him and led him to the fencing area where fell into great harm. The boy Z.F. one day didn't want to go out which stemmed from his good genius who would have wanted to ward off the approaching misfortune, yet his evil genius [malus genius] hid behind his good friends, they come to visit him, excite him to join them to come to some music and over that he died.     

C.F. had no likes to go out as his heart was so heavy and to his own accord bad luck was ahead of hum, yet he was persuaded by his good friends to ride his horse to the watering place and [there he] drowned. E.E. a mountain worker one day didn't want to go to the mine, but had swapped his shift with another one and was about to pay him, but was persuaded bu his wife to go out [into the mine] himself, yet he fell into the pit, broke his neck and leg and died on the same day. If time allowed I could give countless similar examples, only everyone already is already sufficiently familiar with them and it heeds the notice that by one's genius invitation [invito Genio] one should undertake something, as one's own genius is always of good intention and warning of danger, which is why everyone who undertook something by their genius' invitation [invito Genio] had to suffer their misfortune by their own harm [and not through agency of their malus genius]. Now what a genius is, some consider it part of the soul, [or] part of God or a spirit who reminds people of all things good and guards and wards off misfortune.

Whoever wants to have his angel familiar and benevolent has to accomplish the following amongst other things through silence, tranquility or calmness of mind, through solitude and abstinence of human conversation, yet especially of women. 'For our conversation would not exist without God; yet it would without women.' Furthermore through sobriety and continence. Likewise through purification of the body and the soul. 

Once the body and soul have been corrected [i.e. purified], obviously the spirit and the angel will become familiar both with the body as well as the soul. And the voice of the holy angel himself and his whispering can be heard with physical ears and sometimes he will even reveal himself in corporeal shape, just like the Holy Spirit did in many places, as we can proof through the authority of the ancient philosophers, through whom we can ascertain that the fortune-telling spirits reveal themselves or show themselves as companions, once the spirit has been purified and the body has been prepared.

That is how the angels appeared to Abraham, Hagar, Jacob, Gideon, Bileam, Mosis, Joshua, to the wife of Mancha [i.e. the wife of Machir, Manasseh's son. (1 Chronicles 7:15-16)], David, Elias, Daniel, Joseph, Maria, Petrus and Johann, etc. 

One can also make one's angel familiar by means of certain Teletas [initiations], these are specific theurgic consecrations [consecrationes theurgicæ] by means of which the soul is being made adequate and apt for the acceptance of the souls and the angels and [is turned into] the observer of these. Once can also make one's angel familiar through continuous reflection. Likewise through devotion and prayer, even through fierce passion.

Prayer to the Creator of Heaven and Earth

Almighty eternal God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, of the visible and invisible, I ask you to send me [lit. make me worthy of] my good angel, whom you have assigned to me for the care over my body, for the support of my soul and my protection, who leads me through the word of truth to the path of truth, through you, who you are the path, the truth and the life.

And if you like, you can say this prayer on the new moon for 7 days.

Conjuration of the Celestial Orders

O holy order of celestial harmonies, I worship you with the true and living God, for that you may you send to me, such earthly creature, the good angel, who the divine benignity gave to me for the protection of my body and soul, who will enlighten me through the word of truth and through the benefaction of certain secret apparitions of all things of the heaven, the earth, the sea and the abyss, through the one who lives and rules as God in eternity. Amen.

Conjuration of the Angels

O holy Michael, angel-prince, o holy Gabriel, messenger of God, o holy Raphael, advocate of all humans! I conjure you with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I conjure you rulers of the angels, for you may send me in this night and in my dream the angel who was granted to me for my protection, for that he may educate me with benevolence and truthfulness over this thing I want to know, for that he may lead me to this place of truth and reveal to me openly N. [i.e. placeholder] with everyone who stands around, as well as [that he may show me] the path of knowledge and attainment of this thing, without harm of the body or spirit.

I conjure you with the 12 divine names of our Lord Jesus Christ, for that you, princes of the other angels may send to me in this night my angel, who shall teach me in my sleep on this thing I desire to know, for he may lead me to the place of truth on this thing N., for he may reveal to me all circumstances and the path of knowledge to this thing N., for not only to see it, but to also be able to touch it sufficiently with the hands and without harm of body and my soul. I conjure you princes of the angels with the 15 signs which existed before Judgement Day, for that in this night you may send my angel to me, etc. just like before, without harm of body and my soul, etc. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Prayer to the Angel itself

And you Holy Spirit of God, good angel and invisible protector of mine, who has been granted and assigned to me by the Almighty, who you always see the countenance of the creator of all things. It is you I conjure with all the holy spirits of God and all residents of your celestial realm, with the God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with the love of the incarnate word, for you may hear my speech graciously and for that through my prayer I may witness the truth about this thing tonight. Amen.

Conjuration of your angel

I conjure you, my angel, with bread and wine, because He descended from heaven and because Christ gave his students to eat by saying 'This is my body', for that you good angel of my prayer and thoughts in this very night may reveal to me the truth over this thing, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen! 

Go to bed and think diligently about that which should appear and be revealed to you by your angel, and speak with strong ending and full attention: 'O Alpha and Omega, o highest divinity, o Jesus' eternal truth, reveal to me N., your unworthy servant, in this night through your holy angels, through my prayers and thoughts and through my own true angel that [I may] witness the completion of this thing, Amen.'  

And you will see without doubt in your sleep that this will appear to you for which you have asked and it will be revealed to you by the Creator through [the help of] your own angel. Make this figure while you speak a new sword. 'I, N., make you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and in the name of the holy and singular Trinity [just as] Alpha and Omega have been made.'

Seal of the Genio-Sophia, page 12

Seal of the Genio-Sophia, page 12 - translation by Anne Hila

And standing in a circle, send on something before the conjurations: the names of all angels of the seven days and the names of the angels of the months, [you shall do this] during dawn as well as before, while sacrificing frankincense. 

If you want to receive an answer from your angel you have to fast on bread and water for three days until the stars shine. On the eve of the third day go to the church, sit down at the cemetery and patiently await your angel. Turn inside of yourself, and nobody shall have knowledge of it for you may not be disturbed. Then you have to safe [lit. welcome] yourself with 7 Lord's Prayers. Uncreated Father, uncreated Son and uncreated Holy Spirit.


Almighty, eternal God, who you have created the human soul in your own image and who you have breathed your own truthful spirit into every body, to protect them of the penetration of and the imaginations of the impure spirits. You I implore most humbly. Farther, I conjure you by your Son Jesus Christ, in whose power lies everything, for may my body [be] pillowed by the benevolence of your Spirit and through the calling for its own spirit receive the might and [through the] power and fortify [itself] against all harm of the body and the soul, and through the seeing of this as well as the protection, may all deceptions of an Evil Genius yield, under the protection and help of our Lord Jesus Chris, who sits high in the heaven and distributes all goods to everyone and rules in eternity, Amen.

Then speak with lowered body and head facing East:

God, for you see all things hidden, and reveal all secret works and [of any, read possibly: reside] in the souls of all creatures. We ask you imploringly to be free us of all entanglements, for ask for your safe help and we want to experience the effect of our petition.

Then bend your knee and speak towards East:

Holy angel, who you always stand in front of the countenance of God, and [who you are] assigned to me for my protection and help with all necessary matters, you I implore that you may not shy from revealing to me the description of your name as given to you by the Creator of all things, for that I may receive answers and mercy and the gifts of alleviation through the invocation of your name; you may come to me and appear to me and inform me about everything what I desire, in the name of the one who will come to judge the living and the dead and the here and now through the fire. Amen.

Then rise and speak.

Lord, grant me, your servant, your right [hand] for eternal salvation, so I may understand you with my entire mind, and so I may deserve to achieve what I gracefully demand, through Christ our Lord, Amen. Finally the Lord's Prayer. Make your servant whole, my God, send me, hoping for you, help from the saint and from Zion and protect me, stand by me, Lord, tower of valiantness against the enemy.

Lord God, Father in heaven, have mercy,
Lord God, Son of the world, Saviour, have mercy on me!
Lord God, Holy Spirit, have mercy on me;
Be gracious with us and grant us your peace, Amen. 

Saviour of the World [stand by us]
Firstborn of all of Creation [stand by us]
Inheritor of all things [stand by us]
Brightness of the glory of God [stand by us]
Sign of divine existence [stand by us]
True God of the true God [stand by us]
Incarnated Word [stand by us]
Only King of the Kings [stand by us]
Lord of all Lords [stand by us]
O Emanuel! [stand by us]
O might God! [stand by us]
O Prince of Peace! [stand by us] 
O lawful Sprout! [stand by us]
O Peace of the Believers! stand by us
O mortal Victor! [stand by us]
O our Life! [stand by us]
O greatest Triumphant! [stand by us]
Sun of the Justice! [stand by us]
Highest Mediator! [stand by us] 
Righteous Counsel! [stand by us]
Judge of Time! [stand by us]
Chosen Saviour! [stand by us]

The Way to find and conciliate one's Genius

As from the first point of birth from high above each human is given two Genii, one of them a good daemon or good Genius, the other is called a cacodaemon or evil Genius, the ancient cabalists devised a way by means of which one's own Genius could explored and conciliated. So if you want to get to know, conciliate and make addressable a good Genius, for he may reveal secrets to you and grant you knowledge of all sciences, as usual draw the constellation of the stars during the day of birth, a horoscope of your birth, and you will carefully examine the strength and deficits of the planets, and you will deduct the ruler of the hour of the birth, and through this you will recognise from which planetary order your Genius is. That is, if the ruler of your birth hour is [Saturn] your genius is of the [planetary] order of [Saturn], in case of [Jupiter] it is] of the [planetary] order of [Jupiter], and just like this all the rest.

From the known [planetary] order your genius might descend, if he descends from the order of [Saturn]. Observe the day and the hour of this planet: the day and the hour and during it you may speak three times with highest devotion and while [burning] frankincense: Almighty, eternal God, who you have created all of creation, for your praise and for your honour and [for] the secret [that is] of all mankind, you I implore by your ineffable name, that you may send my genius from the order of (here you name from which order it descends, i.e. [Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon]), for he may teach and educate me about that which I have asked rightfully and devotedly from him. In the name of On, Agla, Tetragrammaton, True [one], but not my will shall happen but yours, in the name of Jesus Christ, your only Son, our Lord, Amen.

Once you have continued this for a while, your genius will appear to you and fulfil your desire.